Friday, March 10, 2017

Hospital Visitors

Adley got a lot of attention from family members during her first few days of life in the hospital. Grandma and Grandpa in Minnesota had a beautiful balloon bouquet and pink rose delivered to our room. Our whole family enjoyed the festive pink decorations. :)

Later in the afternoon of Adley's birth day, Aunt Chelsea, Uncle Jon and cousin Isaiah stopped by the hospital to meet Adley after their own family's baby appointment. We loved seeing our first set of family members and dreaming about Adley's newest little boy cousin soon to come!

Adley slept peacefully through their whole visit. :)

Shortly after their visit, Grammy and Papa brought Cody and Jaden to the hospital (straight from a full day of pre-K) to meet their new little sister. Cody and Jaden were both full of smiles and were very eager to hold Adley.

These two boys could hardly take their eyes off their baby sister. I absolutely loved seeing Jaden and Cody's faces! While holding Adley, Cody declared that Adley was "the prettiest girl I've ever seen!"

Jaden had his turn next to hold Adley. It's hard to tell in these pictures, but Adley is wearing a onesie that says "Cutest Little Sister." Cody and Jaden proudly wore their "Big Brother" shirts.

Papa was the next one to meet Adley, his second granddaughter and 8th grandchild.

Grammy's arms were very cozy and welcoming for Baby Adley. What a treat to have all these family members in town to meet Adley right away!

Adley is such a great little sister! She gave presents to Cody and Jaden on her first day of life. :)

The little remote control vehicles that the boys received were perfect toys to play with in the hospital.

Jaden and Cody took a break from their vehicles when it was time to change Adley's diaper. They were very curious about this process!

We were so proud of the sweet natures our boys showed to little Adley. We pray that this continues for a LONG time! :)

Our first picture as a family of 5

Unfortunately, that night I had a terrible bout with nausea and struggled with vomiting for quite a few hours. The doctors said it was a reaction to the anesthesia, so thankfully it didn't last beyond the early hours of Friday morning. Jason and I took all of that morning to rest and recover, so we turned down a few church friends that wanted to visit that day. By Friday afternoon, though, I had recovered enough to see my sister Kim and her boys.

Each of Adley's cousins were so gentle and loving with her! Ryan probably would have held Adley during their entire visit if we would have let him. He just loves babies!

Ian, the most experienced big brother and cousin, looked so natural as he held and played with Adley. This girl has a whole team of big brothers and cousins to look after her in life! She's either going to be one spoiled or one tough little lady! :)

Even Nathan asked to hold Adley. He was so still and sweet with her!

Uncle Matt, who was at a conference for a few days, dropped by the hospital, too, the next day on his way back home. We forgot to take a picture of Adley with her Uncle Matt, but we were very thankful for his visit!

Cody and Jaden, along with Grammy and Papa, visited us on Saturday morning again, after the boys' soccer game. The boys thought it would be fun to pretend to be statues in front of the hospital.

We're excited to introduce Adley to more family and friends in the days to come!


  1. What sweet pictures! I love that Cody commented that Adley is the prettiest girl he has seen. How adorable! Hope you are settling into your new family of 5!

  2. Love, love, love the pics of your boys with Adley. So precious! And I love your new blog name and header!