Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Few Firsts

Since arriving at home, Adley has experienced a variety of firsts:

First Bath
When we first poured water over Adley, she seemed interested and didn't cry at all.

Of course, her pleasant temperament didn't last long at all.

Mommy and Daddy finished Adley's bath as quickly as possible....

...and got right to the best part-- snuggle time at the end!

Almost as nice as the snuggle time was the "getting all dolled up" time! After the bath, Miss Adley was a happy girl. 

First Bath from Brothers
After Adley's umbilical cord fell off, we felt better about having Cody and Jaden help with her bathtime, something the boys had been begging to do. Cody and Jaden helped get Adley wet and scrub her down. They were quite concerned about her loud cries.

All clean! Jaden and Cody were so proud. :)

First Snuggles
Newborns sleep a lot! (Funny, we don't remember quite this much rest-time when Jaden and Cody were newborns. This is likely because A. they didn't always sleep at the same time or B. Jason and were trying to rest along with them every spare second that we could!) Our little girl's favorite place to rest is up against one of her doting family members. We, of course, are happy to spoil our little girl.


First Week
By the time Adley was one week old, she had gained back some of the weight she lost in the hospital. When we brought Adley home, she weighed 9 lbs, 1 oz. At her 1 week doctor check-up, Adley was up to 9 lbs. 5 oz. The doctor declared Adley to be a healthy, "just perfect" baby girl. We couldn't be happier! :) Here is Adley at one week:

First Trip to Church
When Adley was just 10 days old, she attended her first church service. This trip was only possible because Grammy and Papa came to our house early that morning to help out. Daddy always leaves extra early on Sunday mornings, and Mommy isn't quite ready to manage three kiddos and their schedules in the morning on her own yet! I couldn't have done it without you, Grammy and Papa-- thanks so much! :)

Here is our sweet girl, all dressed up and ready to go! The cute dress and shoes are both from Grammy and Papa too. We think she's pretty adorable! :)

Jaden and Cody take so much pride in their little sister. They both insisted on helping Papa carry Adley's car seat in to and out of church. While carrying it, they periodically would look up and beam at anyone passing by as if to say, "She's mine!" :)

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  1. Awww... I LOVE the pictures of Adley (and the whole crew) getting ready for/at church. That's wonderful that J&C adore their little sister, and she is too cute for words, especially when she's in all of those adorable outfits. Keep up the good work, Mommy! (And I'm VERY impressed that you're even keeping up on your blogging. Way to go!)