Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Misc.

Some of our latest happenings from the month of February...

Superbowl Fans
Grammy and Papa invited Jaden, Cody and me to their home for dinner on Superbowl Sunday since Jason was out of town for the week. This was the first year that Cody and Jaden actually showed some interest in watching the game. They both had a definite favored team to win (Jaden cheered for the Falcons while Cody wanted the Patriots to win).

Don't they look relaxed? I love when they unknowingly choose the same positions when they're right next to each other. So funny! Jaden and Cody's interest in the game didn't of course last the whole way through, but they definitely asked more questions about the game and were very interested in the score each time they passed the TV.

Later in the evening, Jaden and Cody entertained us with puppet shows, often telling the tales of Bible stories with one narrator and one puppet. I thought their little make-shift puppet stage was pretty cute.

Piano Recital
In the middle of the month I held a recital with my piano students both from the school and the kids I teach out of our home. I was missing two additional students whose families were out of town, but we were able to include Ian in the recital (who actually now takes lessons from Grammy). It was a great opportunity for these kids to perfect a couple pieces and learn to play for others. I have a great group of students this year and was very proud of how they played! I was also thankful that Baby Schleicher stayed put long enough for me to hold this recital.

Ian, Thomas, Andrew, Cody, Joe, Anna, Rachel, Sara, Ava, Lila, Addie, Kate, Hannah

Baby Update
Baby girl's growth and development continues to be healthy and smooth so far. Mommy's belly seems to remember just how to grow and stretch FAR out after having twins! I'm finding fewer and fewer shirts that actually reach over my belly these days. :)

This was the last ultrasound picture we got of our sweet baby girl, at 34 weeks. We are so amazed by the realistic image of this ultrasound shot. It also shows that she is running out of room! Baby's C-section is officially scheduled for March 2nd, but Daddy and Mommy both have had a feeling all month that baby would make her appearance early. So far, however, she seems to be feeling quite comfortable staying right where she is. We are very excited to meet and hold this little one soon!

Shamrock Shakes
Our family was pleasantly surprised to find these minty green March treats in mid-February at a nearby McDonalds. Daddy bought the treats for the family, and then we enjoyed them on our errand through Costco. Jaden had no problem downing an entire shake on his own!

Touch a Truck
Also in mid-February, we attended this free family event. A local park was filled with multiple vehicles-- garbage trucks, fire engines, an ambulance, police cruisers, and a variety of construction vehicles-- for kids to climb into. Some of the workers, like this kind gentleman below, were very personable with the kids as they helped the kids into their vehicle.

Jaden wasn't interested in waiting in any of the lines to sit in the vehicles, but he was pretty excited about this inflatable slide. Both boys enjoyed it immensely!

The highlight of the morning for both boys seemed to be playing in this large (but extremely packed) sandbox. The sand was the perfect dampness for packing and building, so it entertained Jaden and Cody for quite some time (even after a few incidents of getting sand in their eyes from other kids throwing sand). I didn't get a picture of Cody in the sandbox, but he was just as excited about it as Jaden was.

At the very end, Cody asked to go in one more vehicle, this large commercial mower.

For his first and only time all morning, Jaden climbed aboard this vehicle.

All together, I think that our boys climbed into a total of only 3 vehicles. I guess the longer lines were a deterrent for them this year. They seemed to enjoy looking at the variety of vehicles, however, and the large sandbox was definitely a hit too. So, I think our visit this year was still worthwhile.

Later that afternoon since it had been a fairly warm morning (in February, I know... crazy!), we all cooled off with some yummy popsicles.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Soccer Firsts

Jason and I signed Cody and Jaden up to play on a spring soccer team this year, their first ever team sports experience. We figured that they would appreciate having something special just for them once baby sister is born. After seeing them at their first practice and game this week, we are so glad that we made this decision. The boys absolutely loved it!

At their first practice, Coach Nunez had all the kids (mostly boys but a couple girls too) warm up with some stretches. Jaden and Cody took everything their coach told them VERY seriously.

The coach had the kids practice dribbling their own ball up and down the field,

and then take turns kicking goals.

The kids then played a mini-scrimmage (basically so they'd get used to all running around after just one ball). Then, the coach ended with some more individual kicking & shooting drills.

Following the practice, Jaden happily proclaimed that "Coach Nunez is the best coach EVER!" Cody emphatically announced that his favorite part of the practice was "the water break!"

After just one practice, the boys' first game was held only a few days later. This seemed to be a smart idea for 4 and 5 year olds. Jaden and Cody were still on a "soccer high" after their practice and were very excited about playing in their first game. Jason and I thought both boys looked very grown up in their jerseys and cleats!

Cody -- number 10

Jaden -- number 8
One fun thing about having twins on the same team is that the coach chose to play Cody and Jaden at alternating times, so that meant that we always had a child on the field to watch! It made the game even more enjoyable! Here was team position for the first kick-off. They all look very prepared, don't they? So funny. 

The first game ended up being a great experience for Jaden and Cody. They both loved it! We were proud that the boys weren't afraid to run up to the ball and kick it rather than simply run after their teammates. Cody was definitely our fast and furious player, while Jaden seemed to be a bit more methodical about his playing. Here are a smattering of pics from their game.

At some point during the game, each of our boys had a goal-shooting attempt (Cody had at least a couple) but both missed. We were proud of them for their efforts.

Jaden was a very focused player! :)

Jaden got to do a couple of the kick-ins from the goal line. His determined face as he did so cracked me up!

We were thankful to have some family member fans out to support and cheer on Jaden and Cody. Isaiah was even sporting a soccer sweatshirt. So cute! Thanks, Grammy, Papa, Chelsea, and Isaiah for being wonderful fans!

The boys' team, the Pirates, ended up winning by quite a few goals, thanks to a couple of stand-out players on their team. Jaden and Cody didn't really seem to care about who won, however. They loved recapping their own game plays about how they stopped the ball or passed it to another player. It will be fun to see their progress as the season goes on. We are thankful they seemed to have such a good time. We are proud of our little soccer players!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Shower #3

I've gotta be one of the most spoiled mommas ever! Recently, a group of girlfriends threw me a shower for our baby girl, making this the 3rd generous celebration for our sweet little one. We have certainly felt so humbled by all the love and support from our friends and church family. All these showers and baby gifts are sure making us excited to meet our little girl!

This particular shower was just for the ladies, so Jason and the boys did not attend this gathering. It was supposed to be held at a friend's house, but her daughter unfortunately came down with strep that week. So instead, the hosts moved the shower to the church fellowship hall, obviously a popular shower location! :) The ladies in charge of the shower had many beautiful decorations. I loved the gift table banner...

...and the "mommy-to-be" corsage that I was given to wear.

Instead of having traditional group games to play at the shower, the ladies set up a series of stations for the guests to visit and to make something for our little girl. First, the guests could choose a wooden alphabet block to color and decorate. These came out so cute!

At another table, guests filled out "Wishes for Baby" cards, completing the blanks for items like: "I hope that you love..." or "I hope you learn to..." or "I hope you never forget..."

Finally (and I love these!), the ladies wrote messages on diapers for us. Gotta love those notes to give Mommy and Daddy a smile during a 3 a.m. diaper change!

The hosts also gave out chocolate dipped pretzels (decorated with pink sprinkles, of course!) to everyone. Jason, Jaden and Cody were BIG fans of all the extras I brought home! 

Once all the ladies arrived, the hosts began with prayer and invited us to eat from a yummy array of chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, veggies, crackers, and desserts.

Three of the four hosts -- Kirsten (with baby Eva), Katie, and Dianne
Just a few pics of all the tasty food... 

 During the lunch time, the guests continued to complete the various crafts, and I table hopped to try and visit with the different groups of ladies.

 The end of the shower was reserved for gift-opening time. These ladies (women from my Bible study, ladies from our small group Bible study, family members, and a few mommy friends) were all so generous! We got lots of cute pink clothes and quite a few more items from our registry. What a blessing!

I thank God for such caring and thoughtful friends who gathered to celebrate God's gift of our sweet little girl! I'm so thankful for all of these amazing women. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Katie, Sherrie, Judy, Laura, Brooke, Jennifer, Anita, Amy, Denise, Dianne, Kirsten, Amanda
Kristy, Rachel, Chelsea, me, Lauren & baby Alden, Meg

All the same ladies except that Mom and Kim stepped in while
Kirsten and Amanda did the photo-taking