Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twin Fun

The pictures on this posting basically have nothing to do with one another-- they're just a series of fun pics we wanted to share.

The first few are of the boys wearing clothing items that we've been gifted with lately. It has been AMAZING to see the outpouring of love that others have shown for us and our boys. We've still been receiving packages in the mail and drop-off gifts from friends, even as recently as a couple days ago. These shirts were gifts from the Yurgens family from Michigan. How cute!

These fun bibs came to us from the Texas Cheneys, an experienced family of twins!

And these fun outfits we bought with a generous giftcard recently given to us by a group of 4 friendly neighbors. We are humbled by the love from you and many, many others. Thank you x 2!!

(For those of you that like to play the "guess the twin" game with our pictures, Cody is on the L in all three pictures above.)

The last series of pictures capture fun playtime moments. Jaden and Cody are noticing each other more and more lately. When they capture each other's gaze, they will often smile, begin cooing, or even start laughing. We wonder what they're communicating! It's been fun to see them play and interact.

Last week, Amy put both boys down on the blanket on their backs and then went to the kitchen to grab their bottles. Just a moment later when she turned back around, she found the boys in this precious position! Jaden likely got his arm stuck on his brother's back after rolling over, but we like to think that it's the beginning of a great friendship!

Thanks for loving our boys right along with us!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Lions

Growing up as a Schleicher boy means that you are a sports fan... you love to play sports, watch sports, listen to sports, read about sports, and attend sporting events.

 Growing up as a Jason Schleicher boy means all these things plus one more... you love the Lions-- through thick and thin-- you're a fan! Last weekend, Jaden and Cody had one of their first opportunities to be little fans. The Lions vs. Vikings game was actually being televised in our area. The boys excitedly wore their Lions gear for the game.

They couldn't wait to sit on Daddy's lap to watch the game.

Little Cody was ready to stand up and cheer for every touchdown...

...while our Jaden-man was all smiles for his favorite team.

Unfortunately, despite our family's support and cheering, the Lions couldn't pull out a victory that day. Whether they win or lose, however, the Lions will always provide something special for our family: great father-son bonding time. All three boys will continue to cheer them on. They're Schleicher boys, after all! Go Lions!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

QT with Uncle Jon & Aunt Chelsea

Last weekend, we had the fun opportunity to host Jonathan and Chelsea (Jason's youngest brother and his wife) for a brief period. The main purpose of their visit was to watch Chelsea's sister play volleyball in the state tournament in Bozeman. Since the two flew into Billings, however, we were happy to be their stopover site for meals, sleeping, and quality bonding time with the twins!

Jaden and Cody LOVED the extra hands to hold them and play with them. Jonathan got a few laughs out of his godson, Jaden.

He also showed that handling two at a time was no problem! (Jaden's on the R.)

Cody was all-smiles for his Aunt Chelsea. What a fun playmate she was!

One of the boys' newly found toys is their set of stacking cups (thanks, TX Schleicher family!). Jonathan patiently set up the cups again and again... and again so the boys could knock them over.

Cody, in particular, is always SO intent upon knocking over the tower of cups: reaching, kicking, grunting and wiggling until he is successful. We are convinced this toy is going to make him an early crawler!

Jon and Chelsea also helped out with the twins' other favorite activity: EATING! Jonathan bonds with Cody below and Chelsea with Jaden.

They even demonstrated to us how the feeding time could be a relaxing process for all parties involved!

One afternoon, Chelsea helped Amy shop for new clothing for the boys, as they are finally starting to grow out of their 3 month outfits. The two also enjoyed a relaxing chat over coffee & chai.

Meanwhile, Jason and Jon had the difficult task of baby-sitting.

At the end of the day, Chelsea & Jon read bedtime stories to the boys. (Jaden's on the L.)

What a great aunt and uncle these two are! Jaden & Cody loved all the extra attention, playtime, hugs, and kisses. Jason and Amy appreciated the extra help, the great conversation, and even the opportunity to play some games. Thanks for coming to visit us, Jon and Chelsea. We love you both!

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Month Birthday

In some ways, it's hard to believe that Jaden & Cody are already at the 5-month mark. In other ways, we feel like these sweet boys have always been a part of our lives. It is a joy to watch them grow and develop each month! Here are some of their current habits.

  • still very sporadic at night (sometimes 3 hour stretches, other times only 1/2 hour)
  • working on transitioning from Rock n' Plays to cribs (more difficult than we thought!)
  • daytime naps are frequent but short (only 30-40 minutes)
  • sleep best when cuddling with Mommy or Daddy
  • still have combo of nursing & bottle feeding
  • FAST nursers (usually done within 5 minutes!)
  • feed every 2 1/2 - 3 hours during the day
  • Jaden now on Alimentum formula, due to his milk allergy (no more bloody diapers-- hooray!)
  • no solid food, per doctor's orders, until Jaden has 1 month of blood-free diapers
  • still spit up lots and often
  • more interaction with each other (smiling, cooing, grabbing at each other's faces, even making one another laugh)
  • LOVE grabbing onto toys
  • enjoy the activity gym, bouncers, Bumbo seat, links, rattle balls, listening to stories
  • very close to sitting on their own, but still tumble forward or to the side
  • BIG laughers, especially when being bounced or tickled

Both Boys

(Cody on L above, on R below)

  • enjoy walks again-- hooray!
  • much better car travelers (very little screaming-- hooray again!)
  • stay content in stroller during errands (a triple hooray!)
  • mesmerized by water from the faucet or watching others drink from a cup
  • enjoy being in large crowds
  • love kicking in the water during bathtime


  • currently 14 lbs. 9 oz.
  • our roly-poly! (rolled from his back to his tummy early this month and now won't stop rolling)
  • prefers being on his tummy (will turn to tummy almost every time he is laid on his back)
  • enjoys reaching out to grab Mommy or Daddy's mouth
  • likes to pull on the tablecloth during dinnertime


  • currently 14 lbs. 1/2 oz.
  • quick to smile for others
  • gets startled look on his face whenever placed into bath water
  • loves to gaze at himself in mirrors
  • rolled over from his back to his tummy at the end of the month (first 2 times when neither Mommy or Daddy were looking)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Our First Halloween

At first, the day started out like any other-- waking up, feeding, playing, cooing. But then Mommy & Daddy started talking about some strange things-- candy, pumpkins, costumes. They told us it was our first celebration of a special holiday called Halloween. These outfits (a thoughtful gift from Grandma Schleicher) were perfect, they said, for the holiday! (Cody is on the left in all 3 pictures below.)

But when Mommy dressed us up in these funny elf costumes, we knew the day would be like no other.

The evening, Mommy & Daddy said, was reserved for a special activity called "trick-or-treating." They said we were a bit too young for this, so instead, we visited some friends and took candy to them. We gave out Kit Kats because they come in twos-- just like us! Daddy had a special line that he'd say whenever our friends answered the door: "Kit Kats for you, from not just one elf, but TWO!"

Here is the kind lady, Miss Connie, who gave us these costumes. She is the secretary of our church and a mother of twins as well.

Here we are with one of the pastors of our church and his wife Melissa. They are always so good at holding us and making us smile!

We also stopped by Miss Katie and Mr. Josh's house. Miss Katie comes over to play with us every week on Wednesdays.

Mr. Chad and Miss Alecia were there too. We sure have lots of people who love us!

In addition to these friends' homes, we also went to a frozen yogurt shop and met with a bunch of teenagers from Daddy's youth group. We were passed around to lots of loving arms there. Mommy forgot to take pictures of us with these new friends. Maybe she was too busy eating frozen yogurt...

So all in all, it was a pretty fun new holiday to celebrate. Jaden (on the L below) is excited for the day when he'll be able to enjoy some of the yummy candy. Cody is very interested in the Halloween ball Miss Connie gave to us as gifts. We both are a little embarrassed by the goofy glasses Mommy & Daddy are wearing, but hey, Halloween only comes around once a year, right? So maybe for this one special day, it's okay to be a little silly.

A Visit from Grammy

Recently, we were so blessed to have Grammy spend a week with us in Billings. The primary reason for her trip was to help with the twins during Amy's colonoscopy procedure. We are thankful to report that this procedure went smoothly and showed that Amy no longer has traces of the C-dif infection that has been affecting her since giving birth. Praise God! Once Amy is officially off her antibiotics, the doctor guesses that Amy's health will finally return to normal. Hooray! Amy's mom was such a big help and a joy to be with, too. As you can see from the pictures, Jaden & Cody loved being spoiled by their Grammy!

They enjoyed the extra arms to hold them...

... and someone new to read stories. This particular story was a fun Halloween tale from cousins Ian and Ryan. Thanks, TX Schleichers!

Grammy was also able to see Mommy & Daddy interact with their boys (what a change from when she was here in June!). Jaden & Cody love listening to stories!

While she was here, Grammy had a great idea for a new first for the boys: eating out! The 5 of us ventured out to a local pizza eatery for Jaden & Cody's first restaurant experience. The boys did quite well! As long as they were holding a toy, they didn't fuss at all. Thanks for the nice treat, Grammy!

Jason appreciated the TVs at the restaurant, as he was able to cheer the Lions on to a fantastic weekend victory!

We actually had a weekend quite full of sports. Jason taught Cody how to hike a football...

...and the boys (along with their stuffed tigers) cheered on the Tigers in the World Series Games.

Unfortunately, the Tigers couldn't pull out a victory, but we enjoyed watching the games with Grammy over the weekend anyway.

One fun thing that Grammy commented on was how much more aware of each other our boys are. We captured them in the middle of their first wrestling match below. (Yes, we realize this is probably as calm as they'll ever be!)
Jaden particularly enjoyed showing off his new skills for Grammy. He had already shown Mommy & Daddy once or twice at the beginning of October that he could roll over from his back to his tummy. During Grammy's visit, however, the process of rolling became much more comfortable for little Jaden. He started rolling over nearly every time he was laid on his back, and he began showing us several consecutive rolls, too. Way to go, little guy!

What a fun week! Thanks again for spending time with us, Grammy. We love you!