Monday, June 18, 2018

Adley's Playtime

During the last few weeks of the school year, I was motivated to do a few special toddler-focused activities with Adley. I knew that our time to do activities like these might be a little more difficult with her big brothers at home over the summer! Adley was an eager participant and surprised me with a longer attention span than I anticipated. Here are some of our activities:

Dry Pasta Discovery Time

First Tempera Painting

Water Table Fun 

Playtime with Cousins


Adley the Tattoo Artist 
Oops!! Mommy turned away for a few minutes to wash my hands after Adley's diaper change and to make the bed and failed to notice what Adley was up to. At least she chose to draw on her tummy rather than a tougher-to-clean surface like the wall!

Pom Pom Sorting/Throwing/Scattering

Bubble Popping

Creating with Dot Painters
Adley's favorite part of this activity was unscrewing the caps and fitting them back on!

I love that Adley is becoming much more capable and interactive. We enjoyed our time together this month!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Baseball Parties

Cody and Jaden's last baseball game of the season was at the beginning of May. The league surprised us by announcing that our team's division would have an end-of-the-season tournament as well (even though this is usually just reserved for the older players). Our Red Sox team was out of the double-elimination tourney fairly quickly, unfortunately, after losing two games in a row. It was nice to have a couple bonus games at least. Following the final game, we treated our boys to fro-yo to congratulate them for a great first baseball season. Adley was a big fan of the fro-yo too!

Prior to the tournaments, the baseball league hosted a free end-of-the-season party in the park for all the players. Inflatable water slides were everywhere. Jaden and Cody had an absolute blast! Their favorite part was playing in this bubble foam pit.

Surprisingly, the boys weren't bothered at all by getting bubbles in their eyes. They loved covering themselves with bubbles, sliding in the foam, and pelting one another with bubbles. What a fun time!

The water in all of these inflatables was so brown and dirty (blech!), but none of the kids minded in the least! Cody and Jaden loved racing alongside each other on this one before plunging into the water (mud pit?) at the end.

The boys shocked us by bravely going down this enormous slide at the end. What a fun party!

After the final tournament games were over, the Red Sox players met for a team party to celebrate our season together. The restaurant where we ate had an awesome backyard playground which all the boys thoroughly enjoyed while we were waiting for our food. 

When everyone was done eating, our coach handed out trophies to each of the players.

The coach spoke about each player individually, although he admitted that he struggled to tell Cody and Jaden apart. He mentioned that both boys really improved during the course of the season and that he appreciated their good attitudes.

Each of the boys also received a bin full of gifts (seen on the table in the pic above) donated by each of the team's families. Some of the gifts were baseball-related, such as bubble gum, sunflower seeds, and Cracker Jack. Other gifts were just fun toys like bubbles, sticky characters, and mini-footballs. Cody and Jaden were thrilled with all that they came home with! It was a fun way to end their season.

One final pic with Coach Putnam and his son Easton

We didn't get home until quite late that night, so we waited until the next day to get some trophy pictures. Jaden and Cody were so proud!

We loved our season as the Red Sox!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

14 Months Old

Over the last month leading up to her 14-month milestone, our little girl started to develop quite a headstrong, independent streak! Adley definitely knows what she wants, and she's becoming more firm about expressing her opinions (screeching until she gets her way, throwing her head back and crying, and swatting at-- or even biting!-- Mommy and Daddy). This new attitude made for many exhausting and exasperating moments last month. Nevertheless, we have had many, many God-given precious moments too-- seeing Adley's sweet smile, hearing her deep laugh, and watching her learn more and more. We love this little 14-month-old through it all-- the tough days and the silly days, the happy days and the mad days. We're so thankful that God made her ours! 

Some current stats about Adley Grace:

  • Can fold hands to pray
  • Cut 1st molar (bottom R)
  • Attempting to climb more and more
  • Suffered through a cold and ear infection last month
  • Blows kisses to Daddy and her big brothers each morning when they leave
  • Learned how to self-feed with a spoon (although it's still quite messy!)

  • Returned to 2 naps/day on most days (mostly due to her sickness)
  • Woke up more often at night due to molar-cutting AND being sick 

  • Loves to quack like a duck and bark like a dog
  • Can point out her teeth, mouth, hair, belly button and nose (although for some reason she always wants to point at Mommy's nose rather than her own!) 
  • LOVES talking about her shoes (oosh)


  • LOVES scribbling with markers
  • Stuck arm in the toilet several times this month (ugh!); also enjoys dumping out the bathroom garbage can or taking items out of the kitchen garbage (double ugh!!)
  • Often pulls out her hair ties and bows, especially when in the car
  • Likes sitting in the recliner on her own and rocking back and forth
  • Enjoys going on walks in the wagon, especially when we see ducks by our neighborhood pond

Our little fashionista brought these sunglasses
and socks to Mommy one morning and acted
out trying to put them on until I helped her put
on the oh-so-attractive accessories!

She can't quite propel the scooter herself,
but she sure loves being pushed around
while standing on this scooter!

A couple more videos....
"Lunchtime Challenges"

"Peek-a-boo Giggles"

Friday, June 8, 2018

Kinder Chapel

At the end of the school year, Jaden and Cody's class and the two other kindergarten classes were in charge of leading the chapel service for their school. The theme of the chapel message was "God Made Me Special." 

The kindergarten classes sang a couple of sweet songs, one of which was "Jesus Loves Me." The video below captures their great voices but not so much their cute little faces (sorry about the issues with my camera's zoom lens!).

The boys' little class: Alec, Jaden, Cody, Autumn
Olivia, Aubree, Serynity, Jake
Hudson, Joey, Paige, Colt

Then each class came up to the microphone, one student at a time, and shared how God made them to be special (their teachers had helped them brainstorm these comments the week before). Many of the students came dressed to match what they shared. Jaden's comment was, "God made me respectful." Cody said, "God made me a good runner." Cody was especially proud that he got to wear Daddy's fitbit for the occasion! My favorite part of watching the video below was noticing that Cody mouthed all of Jaden's lines along with him during Jaden's speaking part. Too funny!

The kindergarten teachers also read a story about being God's special creation and led the school in prayer. The service ran smoothly and was very cute! Both boys said that they were a bit nervous to speak in front of the entire school but said their lines clearly. 

Here are all three kindergarten classes at the end of the service. What a cute bunch! We're so thankful for the message of God's abundant love that is continually impressed upon our boys at their school.