Tuesday, October 17, 2017

7 months old

Our 7 month old girl is a girl on the move! All month long, this sweetie has been showing readiness for crawling, and then just four days shy of turning 7 months, little Adley decided to move. What a new world has opened up for her now that she can explore on her own! Our sweet Adley Grace is a curious, content, and now mobile little girl.

Here are a few other facts about Adley at 7 months:

  • No longer content just sitting-- constantly propels herself forward to crawl
  • Tries VERY hard to stand-- pulls up on chairs, musical table, piano bench, etc and gets to her knees
  • Loves to practice-walk with Mommy or Daddy by taking steps when we hold on to her hands
  • After constantly chewing on everything this month, got bottom two teeth on 9/19 and 9/28

"Can you see my little pearly whites?"

  • Fell back into bad sleeping habits (waking up often) after teething and getting a runny nose
  • Likes sleeping on her side
  • Falls asleep easily and often in the car
  • Usually wakes up to stay between 6:30 and 7:00am
  • Bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:00; typically falls fast asleep while Mommy is nursing her
  • Sometimes Jaden and Cody will sing her sweet made-up lullabies before bedtime (Mommy is still trying to get a video of this!)
  • Tried rice cereal, butternut and acorn squash, sweet potato, banana, apple, avocado, oatmeal, peas, pumpkin, carrot, and mum-mums. Loves it all, except for avocado.
  • Usually eats solids twice a day-- something new at lunch and an old favorite at dinner
  • Still nurses with Mommy about 5 times a day and sometimes once or twice at night

  • Screeches loudly with a high pitch
  • Loves standing by the activity table and can do so much more steadily this month
  • Doesn't cry in the car very often anymore (yay!)
  • Flaps her arms happily when she sees her brothers after their school day
  • Hates having her nose wiped!
  • Started to bite Mommy's shoulder (ouch!)
  • Much prefers chewing on books rather than listening to them

    Can you tell this girl is regularly in motion?
    She LOVES to flap her arms and screech!

Adley endured (but didn't really enjoy) this stroller ride.
She loves her cousin Nathan, though!

Adley on the move:


Adley loves to sit on her playmat and watch her brothers ride their bikes down the street in the evenings.

People frequently tell us that Adley is looking more like her brothers these days, especially Jaden. What do you think??

Jaden and Cody continue to dote on their little sister. They call her their little "sweetie pot pie" and regularly give her kisses. Adley certainly has two brothers who look out for her and love her dearly!

Happy 7 months, sweet girl!
We are so thankful for the sunshine you bring into our lives!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Football Fans

It all began with a simple Internet order. In September, Daddy ordered a set of mini NFLfootball helmets for Jaden and Cody, thinking it would be a fun way to introduce them to his love of football. To say that the boys were interested would be a gross understatement. These boys are now football fanatics! Cody and Jaden quickly memorized all of the NFL team logos on their helmets. They ask Daddy each week which teams are playing against each other, and then they'll line up all their helmets in a face-off position.

Nearly every day, they'll ask if it's a "football day" so that they can watch a portion of the games on TV (or at least check the scores). When the games are over, they'll excitedly run up to their room and place each helmet on a sheet of paper marked with either "WIN" or "LOSE."

Jaden and Cody's favorite teams change almost weekly. Unfortunately, they refuse (at least for now) to continue Daddy's allegiance for the Detroit Lions. Instead, they unabashedly cheer for teams like the Browns or the Bills or the Titans and proudly tell family members and their kindergarten teacher about their current favorite teams.

Cody and Jaden's interest in football doesn't just stop with the sideline cheering. These boys also love to play! Regularly on weeknight evenings, Daddy plays tackle football with his boys in the yard. The match-up is always Jaden and Cody against Daddy. The boys have learned so much about the rules of football as they play. Their games are always so cute to watch! (If it's fair to call football games "cute...") The boys often begin with some sort of huddle to discuss their play.

Daddy has taught them how to call their play (they usually just shout out random words, often trying to distract their opponent) and then to say "hike" before they can move. Lessons about penalties have also been learned here! ;) 

Whether the play includes passing,


...blocking Daddy,

...or just tackling (These pics are my favorite!!),

these 3 boys always seem to enjoy their workout and their father-son bonding time. Occasionally Mommy and Adley sit nearby on the lawn to watch and cheer. Adley is probably more interested in the play mat or the grass than she is in the game. 

But we think that this little lady makes a pretty cute football fan too!

Every couple weeks, it seems like Jaden and Cody will go on a new playtime kick. Whether it's Legos, coloring, block building, or something completely new, the boys are "all in" on that particular activity. Football is certainly the new favorite. And this obsession, I'm sure, is one that Daddy hopes will last for quite some time! ;)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

First Foods

Adley began the adventure of experimenting with solid foods this month. We started her with just basic rice cereal since Jaden and Cody had been successful with that. Adley opened her mouth happily and, although she was quite messy, seemed to enjoy this first food experience.

On food trial day #1, just Mommy and Daddy did the feeding, but Jaden and Cody were amazing encouragers. They loved witnessing the process for Adley and enjoyed hearing stories about their own first solid food days.

 On Adley's second day of trying solid foods, we let her big brothers join in the process. It was quite amusing watching the boys try to get the spoon in Adley's mouth.

I also got a kick out of watching Cody and Jaden's own mouths open and close along with Adley's.

These two big brothers were SO proud to feed their little sister! They offered many words of praise to Adley as she successfully ate again on Day 2.

After the initial few days of rice cereal, we branched out into other varieties of fruit and vegetable purees-- butternut and acorn squash, banana, apple, sweet potato, avocado, and peas. Adley's typical pattern has been to grimace at the first few bites of any food, push the food around with her tongue, but then eventually settles into eating. She still spits out more than she swallows on any given bite, but she's slowly making progress. 

I've taken quite a few pictures of Adley eating so that I can show the boys Adley's reaction to new foods that she tries while they are at school. Jaden and Cody love guessing whether or not Adley will like a certain food and than determining her overall taste based on the photos.

Squash (butternut) -- so-so
(acorn) -- yum!

Sweet Potato -- so-so

Avocado-- no, thank you!

Oatmeal -- double YUM (Look how wide she opens her mouth!)
Adley's favorite so far!

Other top food choices include banana and apple, while pumpkin and peas are only so-so. Avocado has been the only food to be completely rejected. We're enjoying this new phase and are happy that Adley is a decent little eater so far.