Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wonder of our Creator

"As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things." Ecclesiastes 11:5

We truly have a remarkable Heavenly Creator in God our Father! For the past 27 weeks, Jason and I have marveled at the Lord's hand of creation as He has been knitting our boys together. With our twice a month ultrasounds, we have been privileged to see many benchmarks of growth and have come to love our little miracles more and more each week. This past week, however, we both truly stood in awe at God's creative handiwork, as we had the amazing blessing of seeing our boys in their first 4D ultrasound.

With these pics, it is so much easier to picture ourselves cuddling these little gifts of God. We are astonished by this marvel of technology and are thankful that our boys are continuing to grow well. You may notice that all three 4D pictures are of Baby B, as Baby A was a bit camera shy (not in a good position for us to get a clear facial shot). The last ultrasound pic is the only one of Baby A. He'll likely be our shy twin. :) Thank you for your continued prayers for these little guys and for sharing in our joy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two by Two...

Last weekend, we were blessed to have some time at home together to do some work on the nursery. Little by little, it's starting to look like a real babies' room! Our main task-at-hand was to put up our Noah's Ark border. Even though the border doesn't officially have an ark, we thought the pairs of animals on this design were quite cute.

 We were pleasantly surprised at how easily the border went up, although it took us a little longer than we expected. The end result, however, made the time all worth it.

Jason joked about taking a verse from Genesis to put on the wall: "Two of...every kind of creature will come to you to be kept alive. (6:20)"  Ha! Perhaps we'll have to keep searching for appropriate verses... :) In the meantime, we enjoy remembering that the story of Noah is all about God's providence and faithfulness in keeping His promises. We certainly feel God's providence in the blessing of these two little miracles, and we are so thankful for His faithfulness. What a great God we serve! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Growing Boys

Due to our boys' growing size, it's not quite as easy to get cute ultrasound pics of them together in the womb (see the head shot below). It is increasingly more enjoyable, however, to observe all their growing individual features. They continue to look more and more like the little boys that we will soon hold in our arms. What a miracle and answer to prayer these two little ones are!

We are thankful that our regular doctor visits continue to be positive. At our last appointment, our 24 1/2 week old little boys weighed 1 lb 11 oz and 1 lb 13 oz. The doctor was pleased that the two are sharing the placenta well so far. Carrying nearly 4 pounds of baby weight is certainly not going unnoticed for those who see Amy. She continues to grow right along with the twins. Despite the minor discomforts of being quite a bit larger, Amy continues to have a healthy pregnancy. We praise God for His guiding hand of love in the lives of our 2 little ones!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Month Filled with Luv(s)!

From the moment we announced the coming of our twins, we have felt such an amazing outpouring of love from our family and friends. We feel humbled and blessed by the support of so many. Some of these gestures of kindness have even brought us to tears. For the month of February, our Trinity school family brought in boxes and boxes of diapers for our little ones. It was so touching to see the pile of diapers collected in the school office grow day by day throughout the month.

Here are two of the lovely Trinity teachers involved in organizing the event. They already have in mind themes for Schleicher Twin items for the months of March, April, and May, too!

"Thank you" hardly seems to be sufficient to express our gratitude to these teachers and the rest of our Trinity family. What a blessing it is to work alongside you. Thank you for being a beacon of Christ to us. We love you all! 

Work and Play with Mom and Dad S.

What a joy it was to have Jason's parents come to visit us in Billings at the end of February! We loved our time to visit with them, and they were SO helpful in preparing our house for the twins' arrival. Our first task was prepping the new nursery for painting. Mom S. did all of the spackling, while Dad S. cleaned walls and Jason taped. Amy came home from her school day to see the room ready to go! Talk about a good team!

The following day, our painters (Dad S. and Jason) got down to business. We had picked out a yellowish-tan color to go with our Noah's ark border and theme. We figured the "two by two" theme was too fitting not to pass up.

Jason and Dad next tackled the assembly of the new rocker/glider purchased by Amy's parents recently. It turns out that assembling furniture is much easier with written guidelines as opposed to just pictures, but the two managed the task expertly to produce...

... a wonderfully comfy new chair!! I believe I have many hours ahead of me to sit in this lovely chair. :) Now, if you're wondering why the rocker/glider is in the kitchen, surrounded by random furniture, that points to the next job for the men.

What troopers these guys were! We had certainly laid out high expectations for their weekend. The final major task was cleaning all of our carpets. We figured our new boys would appreciate clean carpets as they learn to roll, sit, and play on our floors. Of course, we realize that with boys, the cleanness will only last so long... :) Thanks, guys, for all of your very hard work!

 During most of the at-home work time, Mom S. and Amy stayed out of the way. Mom S. took Amy to a craft store to pick out fabric for 2 new baby quilts she is preparing. How thoughtful! On one of our errands, Mom S. convinced Amy to park in the "reserved for expecting or new mothers" parking spaces.

Each day that Jason's parents visited contained a special evening surprise. Mom S. planned a specially themed mini-shower for us, complete with cute invitations placed on our countertops and thoughtful gifts. Here is Amy with a one-of-a-kind pacifier necklace.

We were both so excited to open up the gifts of books, clothes, plaques, a hand-sewn photo book, and more. What a fun way to end each evening. Thanks for all your planning and thoughtfulness, Mom S.!

One other perk of their visit was the chance to celebrate Dad S.'s birthday only a few days before his actual special day. It was a good excuse for all of us to enjoy some tasty blueberry pie. :)

Although it may seem like this visit was all work and no play, we were able to fit in a few rounds of Stone Age, an instant hit with Mom and Dad S. It was also a pleasure to visit with one another over meals (like at a yummy brunch restaurant below).

Perhaps the most memorable part of their visit came on Mom and Dad's last full day in Billings when we were able to take them both to our ultrasound appointment. The boys were active and moving, showing off their wonderful profiles to their Grandma and Grandpa. We were even privileged to see one of the twins open his mouth several times (most likely a cheer & greeting at seeing his grandparents!). It was a blessing to witness this miracle of life all together. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all of your help and for a wonderful trip filled with great memories. We love you!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Phoenix Travels: Part II

While in Phoenix, Kim and I (but mostly the experienced mother, Kim) helped Sarah begin her baby registry. We confused one clerk who was trying to figure out which one of us 3 pregnant women was trying to register. :) It was a joy to help Sarah and so fun to dream about them having a little one of their own.

Halfway through our registering, all 3 of us felt a bit worn out, so we relaxed in the store's rocker/gliders. What a funny sight we must have been!

It was such a privilege to have Mom and Dad join us for the family-time as well. We were pleased to be with Mom so close to her 60th birthday. We celebrated with gifts (including a collage of 60 words that we thought described her) and yummy chocolate souffles made by Chef Drew.

The four ladies took an opportunity for a night on the town to see a performance of Wicked. The acting, singing, and costuming was unbelievable. We all agreed that the show was absolutely wonderful!

On our last full day in Phoenix, we visited the MIM, a new Musical Instrument Museum. We all donned headphones to hear various instruments play from around the world. At the end of our tour we got to try out some instrument-playing for ourselves.


What fun it was to have Kim, Sarah, and me all together in various stages of pregnancy! Since all of us are officially showing now, we had to take a few comparative belly shots.

 Of course, the guys and new fathers-to-be didn't want to feel left out. :)

What a wonderful vacation! We so enjoyed seeing the Phoenix area, basking in the warm sunshine, learning more about Drew and Sarah's everyday life, and spending quality time with all of the family. Thanks for being such wonderful hosts, Drew and Sarah!