Tuesday, September 19, 2017

6 months old

Every time our friends see Adley, we hear a similar remark-- "Look how big she's getting!" Perhaps that's just what everyone says when they see a baby, but we think it's true as well. Our little six-month old is growing up so much! We love how she interacts with others, smiles easily, and seems very interested in the world around her. We thank God for our happy, pleasant baby!

Here are some current stats about Adley Grace:

  • 19 lbs, 15 oz
  • Very confident sitter; rarely tumbles over
  • Likes to practice standing (with help)
  • Enjoys trying to drink water from Mommy or Daddy's cup but spills quite a bit
  • Often grabs onto her foot while nursing
  • Enjoys bouncing in her jumper

  • So close to crawling!
  • Leans far forward to reach for toys until she's in the crawling position
  • Can scoot herself backwards or sideways to different places around the room

  • Rough naptimes at the start of this month (took a LONG time to rock/bounce to sleep and then would only catnap for 25-30 minutes)
  • Still had 3-4 awakenings at nighttime
  • Finally did some sleep training and made a LOT of progress! (Naps more regularly generally twice a day and knows how to self-soothe before bedtime and naptime)
  • We transitioned Adley to her own bedroom crib rather than the pack n play in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. (This meant that Mommy and Daddy finally had to finish putting up the decor in Adley's bedroom too!)


  • Loves playing peek-a-boo, especially with her brothers
  • Enjoys standing by the activity table (with help)
  • Loves any musical toy and chewing on her indestructible baby books
  • Takes baths in the big tub
  • People often comment on her "pretty blue eyes" and her alertness
  • Spitting up much less-- hooray!
  • Likes riding in the front of shopping carts at stores

Next month, we predict that we'll have a baby on the move! It's a joy watching this little girl grow. We love you, dear Adley Grace!

Monday, September 18, 2017


Well, here we go. Our clan has officially entered the world of full-time school, and there's no turning back! It's hard to believe that my "little" boys are at this stage already. Cody and Jaden started kindergarten in mid-August. Two nights before school began, we attended an orientation night. The boys got to meet their teacher (who we actually already knew from church) and take a tour of their classroom. Their teacher, Mrs. Snow, had a classroom scavenger hunt activity for each child to complete. Both boys found their new desks and eagerly began!

After finding all of the items around the room (such as their backpack hooks and the classroom library) Cody and Jaden each got a prize from the classroom treasure box-- a bag of Goldfish with a medal that read, "I am o-FISH-ally in kindergarten!"

When the first day arrived, neither boy seemed nervous. Cody proudly announced the night before, "I'm not even going to cry!" (like he did at the start of pre-K last year).

Cody was true to his word. In fact, he was quite the goofball during our "first day" pictures. All of these photos make me smile, so I couldn't just pick one!

Now that Jaden and Cody have entered kindergarten, they are required to wear a uniform. On chapel days, they have to wear these specific colors (otherwise they don't prefer to match). The boys were thrilled about their new light-up shoes-- Ninja Turtles for Jaden and Spiderman for Cody.

We know that Mrs. Snow is a loving, easy-going teacher, and we are thankful for the godly role model that she will be for our boys. Jaden and Cody were both VERY excited to learn that she was their teacher this year.

At the end of Day 1, Cody said that he most enjoyed center time while Jaden was excited about recess. Here are two of their work samples from the first week of school:

The class read the book, Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, and then made their own class book pages. When asked how he got ready for school, Cody said, "I drove to school."

Jaden's page says, "I drove here."

The three kindergarten classrooms all have a Pete the Cat theme, so the kids decorated thematic hats.

Jaden's hat

Cody's hat

Our whole family is still adjusting to the early mornings and long days of kindergarten, but overall Cody and Jaden have been enjoying school. We are grateful for a school with caring staff members who teach about Jesus every day! We look forward to seeing how Cody and Jaden will learn and grow throughout the year.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bike Riding

Cody and Jaden reached a significant milestone the weekend before school started. They learned to ride their bikes without training wheels! Both boys asked about trying this quite a few months ago (well before Adley was born) but it seemed too complicated to attempt while Mommy was pregnant. Finally, in mid-August, we scheduled an evening for Grammy and Papa to come over and hold Adley so that Mommy and Daddy could be free to help both boys ride.

We found a perfect bike riding practice zone-- the parking lot of a nearby elementary school. It had a long, straight path free of cars or other obstacles. Both Cody and Jaden seemed to get the hang of balancing on their bike fairly quickly.  They loved realizing how fast they could go without training wheels. Mommy and Daddy each ran behind one of the boys, and we sure got our exercise! We were so busy running after our boys, in fact, that I forgot to get any pictures of Bike Riding Day 1. The boys made great progress and only had one minor fall (Cody). It was a successful start!

A few days later, we went over to the school again. This time, Mommy and Daddy stood on opposite ends of the parking lot and let Jaden and Cody ride back and forth. This plan freed Mommy up to take some good pictures of our bike-riding boys.

On our second day, Jaden experienced his first minor fall but thankfully got back up and tried again. This evening, Cody and Jaden practiced making turns and learned how to start on their own. 



We were so proud of the boys' fast progress. They were definitely ready for those training wheels to come off! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

End of Summer

A few August activities that we fit in before school started included...

Home Depot Build
This month's building project was a moving truck-- so fun! Cody and Jaden are always most interested in the vehicle projects, so we made sure to attend this one. We hadn't attended a building event in quite a while (mostly because Lowe's ended their program... bummer!). It was fun seeing how much Cody and Jaden have grown in their independence since the last time we went.

Jaden and Cody aren't usually interested in painting their projects, but this time they decided to add the paint. I'm happy they did so, as the final products looked so much nicer. I mean, really, have you ever seen a beige Penske truck? ;) Once we got home, Jaden and Cody decided to add license plates to their trucks as well.

IGI Playground
One week, Kim and I used a Groupon to try out this indoor playground with our boys. The boys loved all the places to climb, the slides, and the ball pits. Their favorite activity of the day was filling up the trampolines with balls and then jumping amid the bouncing balls. These boys sure enjoy their cousin time!

We've enjoyed trying out several new splash pads this summer. This one was yet another new one for us-- the splash pad in Aunt Sarah's neighborhood. She had invited all of the cousins to join Abby and Ben for a morning trying out this splash pad. We loved it... so much so that we even continued playing through a light rainfall. :)

Jaden, Ryan and Cody liked climbing on the nearby play structures too. We loved Sarah's idea to visit this neighborhood gem!

In many ways, it will be hard to say goodbye to the freedom of these relaxed summer days. It's been a good summer!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jaden Day

Grammy and Papa planned "Jaden Day" just a couple days after Cody's special day. Jaden's excitement for this day had been building for quite a while, so he was thrilled when his day finally arrived. Here is Jaden's explanation of his day:

We're taking a picture by the garage.

I was playing Go Fish with Grammy.

I was putting my books out. I got 4, and Grammy got 3, and Papa got 3.

I was getting my snack ingredients out.

I was putting in chocolate chips. I also put in Sour Patch Kids.

This is my ingredients and my snack. It tasted really good.

I was thinking about what I wanted to do with sand.

Papa was making some of the castle and I was watching.

This is our castle. I was the one who made the inside, I think.

We went swimming.

I was doing the back float. I had my feet tucked in... see, straight? I think I did that for 123 seconds.
(side note from Mommy: Jaden isn't exaggerating here. Grammy and Papa said that Jaden truly did float that long!)

I was sliding down the slide at the splash pad.

I was cuddling in the chair.

I went into the other pool and dived down with the rings at the bottom.

I was watching Veggie Tales.

I had peanut butter and jelly for lunch.

I was making my sand cross. It was fun.

It looked good.

I played 20 Questions with Papa. This is a picture that Grammy took.

I was doing the 100 piece puzzle. It was hard.

The puzzle was the same length as me.

I am doing cars upstairs.

I was reading some books with Grammy.

I was going into the driveway, sticking my head out of the window.

I thought Jaden Day was good. I liked that we could go to the pool.

What a treat it was for our boys to be pampered like this with individual time and attention! Thanks again, Grammy and Papa, for your creativity, time, and love for our boys!