Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bike Party - Part 3

After being out in the heat doing bike stations, all of us were ready for a break inside with air conditioning. We gave the kids ice cold water while I read them one of the boys' birthday stories, "The Berenstain Bears and the Bike Lesson." I had read this story to Jaden and Cody a couple weeks earlier, and they thought the pictures of Papa Bear doing silly moves on the bike were just hilarious.


After the story, we went outside again-- this time for some bike decorating! Our supply table included bike spoke beads, colored straws and pipe cleaners for spoke decorating, crepe paper, and colored ribbon to make handlebar streamers.

I wasn't sure if the boys at the party would enjoy the bike decorating as much as the girls, but everyone stayed on task for longer than I thought. 

For some reason Jaden wasn't interested in decorating his own bike. Instead, he spent the whole time helping Ryan. (Several days after the party, however, Jaden changed his mind and decided he wanted handlebar streamers. Good thing Mommy still had all the extra supplies handy!)

I had brought out a few bottles from our pantry to help make the task of tying the handlebar ribbons a bit easier (a helpful Pinterest tip). It seemed to work fairly well.

Despite his non-excited expression here, Cody did seem to be fairly proud of how his bike turned out. :) All of the bikes looked pretty fancy!

Our last party activity was to take the kids' decorated bikes out into the cul-de-sac for a game of Red Light, Green Light. This was one of Cody and Jaden's favorite parts of the party.

By that point, we had all worked up quite an appetite for lunch! Everyone served up hearty portions of food-- baked ziti, PBJ sandwiches, chips, veggies, and fruit.

And for dessert, of course, was bicycle birthday cake, decorated with Skittles, with Texas Blue Bell ice cream on the side.

It was Jaden's turn to receive the Happy Birthday song first this year.

Cody was next with his chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

How fun is this to have my sister and brother by my side, working to make my boys' birthday party a great one?! Gotta love it! 

When the kiddos left, we sent them home with a treat bag filled with some bicycle treats....

...a small water bottle labeled "Hope you had a WHEELIE good time," their laminated bike driver's license, some candy bars, and a really cool bike light that I had found for a great deal online. Of course, the kids got to take home their bike baskets and bike decorations too.

And that's Birthday #5 down in the record books! Happy birthday to my bike-loving, energetic, creative, silly new 5-year-olds!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bike Party - Part 2

The next portion of Cody and Jaden's party was a series of bike activities scattered around the cul-de-sac. It was SO wonderful having multiple family members attending the boys' party so that we could have help managing each of these stations. To help the kids keep track of which stations they visited, we gave them all bike "passports." Upon completion of each activity, they'd get a star sticker to cover each number. 

When we first got outside, task #1 for the kids was attaching their new bike baskets to the front of their bikes.

Then, we sat the kiddos down for some instructions and safety rules. Don't they all look thrilled? :) A few of the boys' friends had younger siblings tag along too, if you're wondering why there are some extra kids in the picture...

Just in case of injury, we were prepared for some skinned knees or elbows! Cody and Jaden chose the band-aid designs.

And here are all the stations!

My mom guided the kids through this one. The kids rode down the sidewalk and obeyed each of the following signs-- stop sign, school crossing (stopped and sang their ABCs), yield, RR crossing (stop and say, "Choo, choo!," curvy road sign (weave their bikes back and forth), do not enter (turn around and complete the signs one more time).

The kids followed the arrows in and out of the cones and tried not to get too dizzy! Uncle Andrew expertly managed this station while simultaneously keeping 1-year-old Ben happy in his stroller.

Homemade speed bumps (made from pool noodles cut in half) made for a challenging ride in this station!

This was one of the more memorable stations for Jaden and Cody. The kids were given a stack of mini rolled-up newspapers to put inside their bike baskets. As they rode along the sidewalk, the kids delivered the papers by tossing them into various containers.

This station was more difficult than it appeared! From the starting line, the kids biked quickly towards this row of cones. The goal was to stop as close as possible to the cones without knocking them over.

How fast can your bike (or in Zoey's case, your scooter) go? Daddy timed the kids as they raced from one line to the next, and the kids tried to beat their own time.

At this stop, the kids could wash their bike in two different ways-- manually with soapy water and a sponge...

...or the drive-through car wash express!

#8: FIGURE 8
self-explanatory :)

At this final station, if the kids demonstrated good parking between the lines, they could take a break...

...with a cool glass of lemonade. It was a muggy morning, so some kids visited this station several times! I love the sign that Jaden and Cody created for this. :)

When the kids showed me their completed passport, they earned a piece of candy, either a Twix (Cody's favorite) or a Kit Kat (Jaden's favorite).

The kids seemed to enjoy the freedom to ride around the cul-de-sac, although some of them were a little flustered by the idea of completing the stations out of order. Thankfully, no injuries occurred, and all the kids successfully completed their passports.