Sunday, March 12, 2017

Adley's Homecoming

After Adley's birth, our hospital stay was short and sweet. We had caring, attentive nurses and received good care, but we were eager to return home to our boys and to begin our new life as a family of five. So, on Saturday evening, Adley and I were officially discharged from the hospital. Naturally, we had to put our sweet girl in a nice, new dress for the big occasion.

We stayed at the hospital just long enough for Amy to eat one last meal and to receive one final dose of meds, and then our family was homebound!

The evening that we left was rainy and a bit cool.

Adley looked so tiny in her carseat! She slept the whole way home.

Upon arriving home, we were greeted with some fun decorations, courtesy of Grammy, Papa, Jaden and Cody. These four had decorated one of our trees with pink balloons and had colored a welcome sign for our garage door.

Each letter of this sign was decorated in a different way. Cody was particularly proud of his letter D which he had meticulously filled in with orange marker. We heard that that this took him forever! Jaden especially liked coloring stripes in the letter O with Papa. We could tell that our boys (and Grammy and Papa too) had put a LOT of time and love into the decorations. What a wonderful welcome! It was so good to be home! :)

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