Monday, February 6, 2012

At the Halfway Point

It's hard to believe that these two little bundles have been growing for 19 weeks now. And yet, it's even harder to believe that in another 19 weeks (or possibly less!) we'll be holding these little ones in our arms. How exciting! We have officially started going in to the doctor every 2 weeks for an ultrasound. At our last appointment, we were pleased to get an excellent report on the babies' growth. Mommy, however, didn't get as positive of a report when she almost passed out during the ultrasound. :)

My "baby bump" is certainly a lot more pronounced now, too. I'm definitely noticing a bit more difficulty with some common tasks like getting up out of chairs, putting on my socks, etc. I'm afraid it'll get worse before it gets better! Thankfully, I have a wonderfully helpful husband and TWO amazing finish-line "prizes" that give me energy and incentive each day. We praise God daily for these wonderful miracles in our life!

Excitement is in the Air!

Jason and I have already felt so supported by our church and school family in regards to our pregnancy. What an amazing blessing is the family of faith! It has been a joy to share with them our pictures, our stories, and our special news. Before we announced the gender of our little ones, my students cast their ballots for gender. You may be surprised to know that my class only has 6 boys in it, and they still voted primarly male. I guess they had access to some secret knowledge that Jason and I somehow missed!

Once we learned about our 2 little boys, Jason gave his church staff blue jelly beans, and I handed out blue suckers to my school kiddos. As you can tell by these two student creations below, many others are excited right along with us.

Sisterly Adventures

Okay, so I'm still getting the hang of this posting-on-time deal. Bear with me, please! :) So... over MLK weekend in January, Jason and I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting my dear sister Kim for a weekend visit in Billings. We loved spending time with her, and she was such an amazing help to us as we begin this first-time parenting gig. One of our biggest adventures was starting our baby registries at Target and at Toys 'R' Us (Billings doesn't have a Babies 'R' Us, so our store merchadise is combined into one). This overwhelming task actually became quite fun with all of Kim's great advice!

Of course, the weekend couldn't be totally full of work! We both enjoyed relaxing pedicures at a fairly new salon...

... and some yummy build-your-own frozen yogurt creations.

Even though Kim is about 6 weeks further along than I am, we both enjoyed sporting our pregnant bellies. :)

My only regret about the weekend is that we couldn't steal Kim for any longer! What a blessing she is! Thanks for the fun times and all the help, Kimbo! Love you! :)