Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Latest Action

The older they get, the more Jaden and Cody are starting to come up with their own creative ideas for fun. As parents, Jason and I often just get to sit back, watch, and enjoy our funny little fellas! The following videos will show you some of the latest action in our household.

Recently, both boys have enjoyed lining up their stuffed animals along our couch or fireplace. Occasionally, they will even go down the line of animals, hugging them or giving away kisses. In this video, the boys show how they can easily identify their animals. However, (and this will make some of you feel much better!) they still struggle with identifying themselves!

Jaden demonstrates the latest "twin talk" in our home. The boys often go back and forth with this gurgling-babble. Also, both boys are becoming more aware of the camera and what it does. They often like to sit on Mommy's lap and watch videos of themselves. Here, you can see Jaden's interest in checking out the video.

Have we mentioned that Cody is our man on the move? He's always finding new ways to run off energy, often with his beloved Cozy Coupe.

While attempting to get a back and forth twin "conversation" (you can hear just a bit of one at the beginning), Mommy inadvertently captured another one of the boys' favorite pastimes-- wars with doors!

"Sprint running" is an almost daily activity in our home, especially on days when it's too cold to head outside. Yes, these boys are always a bundle of energy!

The last video, Mommy's favorite, clearly captures Jaden and Cody's goofiness. These crazy little kiddos certainly find new ways to make us smile each day.

We thank God for our active, energetic & silly little boys!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

One and a Half Years Old!

Eighteen months ago, our lives looked quite a bit different. We probably had a clean house (at the very least an uncluttered floor), dinners filled with adult conversation, free time to spend just as we wanted, mornings to sleep in, and quiet evenings. 

But we were sure missing something. Now, our lives are filled with giggles and games, action and playtime, toys and trucks, kisses and babbles, and the joy of watching 2 little lives develop. The past 18 months have been a flurry of milestones, changes, learning, and growing. We are so thankful to God for our two little Schleicher boys and for all the joy they've brought into our lives. Happy 1 1/2 years! 

Jaden and Cody in their Christmas tees

Jaden & Cody playing on Mommy & Daddy's bed

Twin plotting

Jaden & Cody, brotherly love

Jaden, Cody-- giggles galore!

Jaden and Cody, silly playtime with Mommy's hats

Cody & Jaden, the littlest Lions fans

Here are our latest updates:

  • Still frequent nighttime wakings by both boys (but more often by Jaden)
  • Fall asleep very well at nighttime and naptime
  • Sleep with pacifiers and cozy blankets
  • Nap for 1 1/2 to 2 hours after lunch


  • Not quite the same hearty eaters as they used to be, but still eat a fairly balanced meal most of the time
  • Love self-feeding with their own spoon or fork
  • Cody learned how to drink through a straw this month (first time we exposed him to a straw, he got it!)
  • Random quirk-- neither boy likes having food crumbs stuck to his hand or finger, but will whine or angrily shake his hand until the food comes off
  • No more gagging at the table!
  • Cody's current favorite-- frozen blueberries
  • Jaden's current favorite-- mandarin oranges

  • Still speak only 10 or fewer words
  • Love pointing at objects & are very interested in hearing the same words over and over
  • Occasionally use a gurgle-babbling language back and forth
  • Have an amazing listening comprehension! Can readily follow lots of directions
  • Even know the difference between their own sippy cups, pajamas, coats, shoes, and shoes

  • Newest favorite-- chucking their toys over the gate and down the stairs (lots of new dents have appeared in our walls!)
  • Enjoy piling toys or books on the piano, in Jaden's crib, or on furniture
  • Like lining up their stuffed animals in a row on the fireplace
  • Have figured out how to bounce down the stairs on their bottom
  • Enjoy "dancing" to music by flapping their arms or bobbing their head
  • Love to wrestle with or climb all over Mommy and Daddy
  • Have tried "jumping" by going up and down on their tiptoes
  • Frequently run sprints back and forth in the house (and giggle hysterically when passing one another)
  • Like climbing onto the chairs and even (yikes!) the table
  • Funny imitators! (Jaden pretended to press on the soap dispenser during a bath and wiped his hand all over himself. Cody climbed onto a chair in the dining room and rubbed his hand back and forth across the table as Mommy was wiping it down.)

The Jaden-Man

His reaction when Mommy said to smile!

  • Cut teeth #15 & 16 this month
  • Started giving sloppy, open-mouthed kisses (tongue included!)
  • Dislikes the drawstrings on his pants (will pull or bat at them until we tuck them into his waistband)
  • Will cover his eyes for peek-a-boo for a surprisingly long time! 
  • Has become more of the toy-stealer this month, runs away when we ask him to return a toy to Cody
  • Dislikes change (cried when we moved the furniture to set up the Christmas tree!)

Our little Cody-Boy

  • Cut tooth #16
  • Freely and happily gives hugs to others whenever we ask (often gives them without being asked, too!)
  • Enjoys decorating paper with stickers
  • Will immediately return a stolen toy to his brother when Mommy or Daddy asks him to give it back
  • Very athletically coordinated! Learned how to catch balls-- multiple times in a row!
  • When angry, will throw tantrums by getting down on all fours with his head down
  • Will laugh and point every time he sees a dog in a book

We are so thankful that God put you little boys into our lives. We love watching you grow and change!

A Schleicher Family Thanksgiving: Part III

As always, the best part of family vacations is just hanging out with family. Our loving family members are such willing playmates. Both boys loved Grandma's horsey rides!

Cody and Grandma

Grandma and Jaden

It was so cozy sitting on Grandma and Grandpa's laps for storytime.

Although it was nice to cuddle with them sometimes even if it wasn't storytime. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa!

Uncle Jon knew just how to make the boys laugh-- teaching them how to do push-ups,

or wrestling them to the ground.

We love you, Uncle Jon!

Aunt Chelsea was even able to find time amidst her busy hostessing job to get down on the floor and play, too.

She was great at giving plane rides,

and at playing peek-a-boo.

We love you, Aunt Chelsea!

Aunt Beth was a creative playmate. She built all kinds of block towers for the boys to knock over, collected many many blocks in her lap that the boys handed to her,

and even called them on the telephone. We love you, Aunt Beth!

Uncle Andy was an active playmate, too. He was great at corralling all the boys' stuffed animals (as Cody continually handed him one after another).

He also did one of the boys' favorite things-- turned them upside down! We love you, Uncle Andy!

Aunt Kim also knows how to brighten our boys' spirits! Sometimes she patiently listened to them and watched them play,

and other times she jumped right in for some hands-on play. Her plane rides were SO fun,

and her Jaden-rolls made us laugh 'til we sighed!

Even Mommy and Daddy had to jump in on this great idea. We love you, Aunt Kim!

Uncle Matt built the best race tracks!

And he even accepted Jaden's wide open kisses right on the mouth. What a great uncle! We love you, Uncle Matt!

As our boys get older, it's more and more enjoyable to watch them interact with their cousins, too. All three little ones certainly share some of the same interests!

Cousin Ian is very experienced with tickle-time!

There was even quite a bit of time that all 4 boys played nicely all together, too. We love you, cousins Ian and Ryan!

Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason enjoyed time with their godson, Ian-- reading,

and building with his new Lego sets. We were very impressed with how focused and determined Ian was to finish these Lego projects. He is quite the little builder!

We also enjoyed seeing Ian's preschool notebook and hearing all about his various projects and artwork. We can tell he's a great little student!

Ryan even let us hug him and cuddle with him a bit more this trip.

What a lovable little guy!

Whether we're all just lounging out,

laughing with the little ones (I believe they were dancing here...),

or playing games (a Schleicher family-favorite!),

time spent with family is always such a blessing! Our family members are such wonderful Christian role models for our little boys and a joy to be with. We always treasure our time with you, Schleicher family. We love you and thank God for you!