Thursday, April 6, 2017

Newborn Photo Shoot

When Adley was just 9 days old, we had a friend from our church who owns a photography business do a photo shoot with Adley. Our friend Jenn had so many creative ideas and was very patient working with a newborn. She stayed at our home for over 2 hours and got some fabulous pictures. We were thrilled with her work and, of course, we think that her subject matter was pretty stinkin' cute!

Adley was awake for the second half of the photo shoot. We loved being able to get some shots of her little eyes!

Jenn loved taking what she called "baby parts" pictures.

At the very end, we captured a few family shots. I absolutely LOVE this photo of Adley with Jaden and Cody. Jaden was so proud to hold Adley in his lap, and Cody's kiss was completely unposed. These boys love their little sister!

And finally, some pics with Mommy and Daddy. :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! Baby parts are so cute, especially little toes!

  2. Love these! The one where she's awake and propped up on her arm makes her look so old! You are richly blessed! ;)