Thursday, April 20, 2017

Baptism Dinner

After Adley's baptism service, we gathered with family for a celebratory dinner. Grammy and Papa had graciously offered to host this dinner at their home-- meaning that they did ALL of the house cleaning, food shopping, decorating, and food preparation. What a HUGE gift this was for us! Our only task was to plan the dinner menu. On the day of the party, we could just attend and enjoy everyone's company. It was so relaxing! Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for your generosity in hosting this meal!

We ordered a cookie cake from a nearby Nestle Toll House store. It looked beautiful and tasted quite delicious too.

Sarah assembled a variety of floral centerpieces for the tables. It really dressed up Mom and Dad's home.

Mom had found these baptismal paper products for the meal. What a nice, festive touch!

Family members were spread across four different tables in Mom and Dad's home. They have such a perfect setup for hosting an event like this. We all enjoyed the yummy meal of pulled pork sandwiches, potato casserole, chips, fruit, and veggies.

After everyone had eaten, Jason thanked our family and friends for celebrating with us.

Then, Jason announced the winners of what he had called the Sweet Adley's Sweet 16 Competition. Prior to this gathering, our friends and family had to pick 3 NCAA basketball teams that they thought would make it to the Sweet 16 round of tournament play. Jason added up points based on how each team was seeded and named as winners....

Ian and Chelsea!
These two were awarded Sweetheart candies plus a package of caramel cookie waffles. Yum!

Finally, Jason announced that he had written a baptismal song for Adley, just as he had for Jaden and Cody. His song was entitled, "Oh, Sweet Girl."

Part of Jason's chorus involved a line in which everyone sang together, "Your whole family is so proud of you." It was really touching to hear everyone's voices around us. Have I mentioned how blessed we felt by the presence of so many family and friends this weekend? :)

Jason's first verse talked about Adley's baptismal day, and then the consecutive verses walked through different times in her life, ending with Adley's wedding day. Mommy was shedding quite a few tears by this point! In fact, even Jason was caught up in the emotions of the day and was unable to finish the wedding verse. It was definitely a touching song written by a loving daddy!

As Jason's song mentioned, we are so thankful that "God's amazing love is true" both for our little baptized girl and for our entire group of family and friends.

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