Monday, April 10, 2017

Meeting Friends & Family

During the last month, we loved having friends drop by our home to meet our little daughter. Many of these friends came with gifts and meals for our family. What a blessing! We didn't get photos of everyone who came over, but I particularly loved getting pics of some sweet little girls who just loved on Adley. 


one of Jason's co-workers, Amanda


Emily and Madeline
Adley also had the opportunity to meet some of our out-of-town friends and family members who traveled to Texas for Adley's baptism. We were so honored that all these people came out to celebrate this special occasion with our family. Auntie Tyler, Amy's close childhood friend, was the first to arrive for the weekend celebration. We had asked Tyler to be one of Adley's godparents.

Aunt Beth and Uncle Andy (Jason's older sister and brother in law) came over for lunch one afternoon to meet Adley. This brave couple drove down all the way from Minnesota just for the weekend. What an awesome sacrifice of time they made to be here for Adley's celebration! We have such a great family! :)

Adley enjoyed meeting her Uncle Andrew next. Andrew and Sarah (Amy's brother and sister in law) made the trip to Texas amidst the process of selling their home and packing up their house to move. What a crazy time for them! We felt so honored that they carved out time for our family this weekend. (Adley had met Sarah the day before at a special St. Patty's Day pancake brunch but of course I forgot to take a picture of that adventure. Sorry, Sarah!)

Adley was wide-eyed and excited to meet her Grandma and Grandpa from Minnesota later that day. Adley is the first granddaughter for Jason's parents, so it was extra special for them to hold a little one in pink. :)  

We asked Jonathan and Jennifer Boll, some of our dear friends from Billings, to serve as Adley's godparents along with Tyler. It was fun giving them an excuse to fly down to Texas for a visit. We loved seeing them!

Finally, Aunt Mary and Uncle Doug (Jason's aunt and uncle) drove down from Tyler, Texas, to attend the baptism service. Adley sure had a full weekend of meeting new people. She didn't seem to mind at all being passed from one set of loving arms to another.

During the weekend of Adley's baptism, Tyler and the Bolls stayed at our house. During most of their visit, we just hung out, talked, and watched some March Madness games. On the last day of their stay, however, we played some black light mini golf (Jaden and Cody's first mini golf experience).

The Guys: Jonathan, Cody, Jason, Jaden
The Ladies: Tyler, Amy, Adley, Aliya, Jenn
Adley sure is a blessed little lady to have so many friends and family members to love and support her right from the start. We are so thankful for all these wonderful people!

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