Wednesday, June 14, 2017

PreK End of Year

The month of May is certainly a time of wrapping things up! Jaden and Cody's school year ended with a few special events. First was their school's spring program for preK-2nd grade. The evening program started with the boys' music teacher Ms. Fisher leading the preK kids in a couple songs.

Jaden and Cody are in the back row, slightly right of the middle.

I only took small sample videos of each of their songs. The first was "Everybody Praise the Lord."

The second song was "My God is So Big." 

And after two songs, that was it for Cody and Jaden's portion of the program! It seemed like a big effort for such a short time, but it was still fun to see the boys on stage.

The boys' last day of school began with chapel (which has been once a month all through the school year). Lots of parents attended this last one since they ended the chapel with a picture slideshow of all the Early Childhood classes. During the service, they also had the kids sing a few songs for the parents (different songs from the spring program). Cody sat back in the parent section with us (Grammy, Papa, and cousin Abby came along too). Here is Cody singing "Fishers of Men."

Once she got the hang of the actions, Abby joined in as well! She's excited to start Early Childhood next year at Salem, and we'll be happy to have her there!

Here's a quick video clip of the "Fishers of Men" song.

Jaden wanted to sit with his classmates that morning, so I didn't get any great pics of him. You can see him in orange near the middle of the picture.

On the last week of school, the boys' teachers took these graduation pics of them. Cody apparently wasn't in the mood for smiling well that day! :) These boys sure grew up during the course of the year!

Here is our last-day-of-school pic. The boys are wearing their school's theme shirts (which we were encouraged to wear for every chapel day). Cody and Jaden loved their preK experience and both have said that they'll miss school over the summer. Next stop... kindergarten!! :)

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