Thursday, June 22, 2017

May Misc

A few miscellaneous May happenings...

Nephew Time
We swapped baby-sitting nights in mid-May with Matt and Kim so that we could have a couple's date night. What a treat it was to have a kid-free meal and conversation time! We realized that our last date night was in December.... it had definitely been too long! When it was our turn to watch Matt and Kim's boys, we spent part of the evening playing T-ball in our front yard. I love how in each picture, at least one boy is either sitting or rolling on the ground. Someday, all these boys will likely be much more competitive about their sporting events (like their daddies!), but for now our sports games are usually full of silliness. At least they're all having a grand old time!

Playtime Activities
Cody and Jaden are so creative about their playtime! Having twins is certainly proving to make our life a bit easier at this stage, as the boys are often interested in similar things and can entertain themselves so well for long stretches of time. One day, they called me over to the stairs to show me how they had organized all of their stuffed animals-- each step was reserved for a different kind of animal. 

During their soccer season, the boys devised this game of "animal soccer" that is the only safe way Mommy and Daddy have allowed them to play soccer indoors. Each boy has a pile of stuffed animals next to his goal. For each play, he'll use a different stuffed animal to "kick" the ball across the room, attempting to score into his brother's goal. One goal is usually made up of puzzle boxes piled atop of one another into a sort of arch, while the other goal is often the piano bench.

Mother's Day
Here are my three cuties on Mother's Day morning before church. I get the best smiles out of my boys when I allow them to say bathroom words for the camera. Whatever works, I guess! :)

Cody and Jaden were so excited to present me with these painted letter M's that they made in preschool. Their projects turned out so cute, and I loved seeing how proud the boys were. Maybe in a few months I'll have Adley decorate a letter O so that I can spell Mom!

This pic is a few weeks belated, but I love trying to get a pic with my kiddos close to Mother's Day. God has blessed me richly with these three!

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  1. And you're a great momma to your three blessed kiddos! :) I love seeing Cody and Jaden's clever playtime ideas. I'll have to ask them to show me animal soccer one of the next times we come over to your house. So precious!