Thursday, July 13, 2017

3 months old

On June 2, our little girl turned three months old. The past month has been such an enjoyable one with Adley! We love seeing regular smiles from her now and hearing an occasional laugh. She has become such a content, easy-going baby. We are so thankful.

And the 3-month outtake picture...
This is what happens when Mommy takes too long trying to get just the right shot! :)

Here are some current facts about our little one:

  • 15 lbs, 13.5 oz.
  • Can lift chin entirely off the ground during tummy time
  • Transitioned to 6 month clothing!
  • Tries to "climb up" Mommy and Daddy's chest during burping time, showing evidence of her strong legs

  • No more long, wakeful stretches in the middle of the night (hooray!)
  • Naps best while in the baby swing (sometimes even 2 1/2 hours)
  • Some days takes 3 regular naps, other days takes multiple catnaps (Poor child #3... Adley's naps are often interrupted or taken on the go. We are hoping this just makes her a flexible child!)
  • Still likes to be swaddled before bed or naptime
  • Sleeps for longest stretch (4-5 hours) at the beginning of the night in the Rock n' Play

  • Smiles daily
  • Loves when people use "baby talk" voices with her
  • Had first laugh
  • Likes best being held facing outward so she can watch others
  • Often coos happily in the evening hours

  • Loves sitting in the bouncer and will smile happily to herself there
  • Messy month -- LOTS of drooling and diaper blowouts
  • Sucks on fist regularly; occasionally gags on her fist
  • Still dislikes car rides and will scream off and on during most trips
  • Sits contentedly in Mommy's Baby Bjorn on shopping trips; often drools over the entire front!

Some days, Adley's thin, wispy hair has a mind of its own!

Adley likes to listen to stories with her big brothers. She can sit happily on Mommy's lap for 3-4 stories sometimes. 

Jaden and Cody love watching Adley during her tummy time. Jaden will often remind Mommy daily to give Adley this time. I love hearing the boys give Adley little pep talks as she tries to lift her head.

Adley's big brothers are so proud of her! They are so gentle with her and call her their "sweetie." They often ask to hold her (for brief intervals of time) and take friends over to her stroller at church, asking them, "Do you want to see Adley?" Jaden and Cody's genuine affection for their little sister warms my heart!

Thanks for being our sweet little girl, Adley Grace! We love you!

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  1. It is seriously amazing comparing these pictures of Adley even with the picture of her that you have on your blog header. She has gone from being a cute little "bump on a log" to an adorably strong, active, happy and engaged girl. So fun to witness her growth and progress!