Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Few of our Favorite Things

As we are nearing five months, we are really starting to make our preferences known. We'll let Daddy & Mommy know right away if we don't like something! If we decide we're a fan of something, however, we'll return to it again and again. So when we're tired, when we're hungry, or when we're feeling sad, we simply remember our favorite things... and then we don't feel so bad! Here they are, in no particular order:

Sitting in our bouncy seats

Reaching for toys and taking them to our mouths

Lounging in the swing
and (says Cody) staring at myself in the mirror!

Using the Boppy pillow to help myself sit up (Jaden)

Lying under the activity gym

Being on tummy time
and (says Cody) drooling on my shirt

Kicking our legs on the changing table (says Jaden)

Sitting in the glider (a GREAT place for Mommy to read us stories!)
and sucking on our fingers or fist

Seeing the Montana wildlife.... in our own backyard
(Perhaps it was because hunting season just began that this buck found a safe haven in our lawn for upwards of 5 hours one weekend!)

Our Daddy & Mommy!
More and more people are telling us that Jaden looks like Jason and Cody bears resemblance to Amy. We are each holding our apparent look-a-like. What do you think?

Spending time with each other!


Laughing out loud

And giving Mommy some surprises

Thank you for taking an interest in our lives!
Jaden & Cody

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Weekend with "Auntie Tyler"

Over the first weekend of October, we had the joy of hosting Tyler, Amy's dear friend, at our home. Tyler and Amy first hit it off in kindergarten and stayed close friends all through schooling from K-12th grade. Tyler was in Amy's wedding, and she remains a close friend to this day. What fun it was to show her our Billings home & community and to introduce her to our boys.

Tyler, a Texas Tech alum, cheered on her team as they played a Saturday game. Unfortunately, Cody didn't put quite as much effort into cheering, and Tech sadly couldn't pull out the victory.

Both boys enjoyed relaxing on Tyler's lap during the game, though. With all the love and cuddling she showed them, Tyler quickly earned the nickname "Auntie Tyler."

Having twin boys makes Amy & Jason much different hosts than they used to be. Tyler was a VERY patient and understanding guest! She endured being spit up on multiple times, holding crying babies, waking up to crying throughout the night, and even making meals for Amy and herself as Amy took care of the twins. On top of all that, the weather took an abrupt turn from summer to winter, and Tyler saw a couple Montana snowfalls! We're so thankful that Tyler is a flexible friend.

Despite all this, we did a variety of fun activities as well: We took a trip to Trinity school so Amy could introduce Jaden & Cody to the school kids, watched some football, played a variety of evening games with Jason, got caught up on watching our Survivor episodes, and went on a few shopping trips. With our cold weather snap, we were in great need of warmer clothes for the boys. Amy enjoyed having Tyler's assistance in picking out cute long-sleeved & pant outfits. Tyler even bought Jaden & Cody each a new outfit-set as a gift. Aren't they adorable? (Jaden is the monster-butt!)

We are so thankful for Tyler's friendship and her easy-going, fun-loving personality. Thanks for making the trip up here, Tyler. We loved being with you!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Joys & Challenges of 4 Months

We'll probably end up saying the same thing in future months, but the month of September seemed like a wild ride of challenges. Perhaps it seemed more challenging because Jason & Amy's energy levels have been wearing thin after 4 months of little sleep! Amidst these parenting challenges, however, God has been challenging US to look for the joy in each situation. Some days, when we see double smiles and hear double giggles, the joys are fairly apparent. Other days, after double diaper explosions and double torrents of spit-up, the joys are a little harder to find. But no matter what may happen throughout the day, the constant joy is that we can look at these little boys' faces and know that they are ours-- double answers to prayer and double miracles from above. So despite the challenges, we are thankful for the past 4 months of laughter, learning, and love. Here are some of this month's highlights:

CHALLENGE: The boys seemed to go backwards in their sleeping habits-- waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours through the night. (When they had colds, we woke up practically on the half hour!)
JOY: Daddy & Mommy have many waking hours to bond with one another. :)

CHALLENGE: Jaden had a variety of health concerns this month.
JOY: We discovered that he has a milk allergy and are currently experimenting with different kinds of formula.

CHALLENGE: The boys showed more fussiness than ever in the evenings.
JOY: Mommy & Daddy pushed hard to achieve an earlier, more consistent bedtime. That meant occasionally feeding, changing, and rocking 2 infants to sleep independently on some nights. Not an easy task, but both Daddy & Mommy were SOO proud of themselves when they accomplished successful bedtimes on their own!

CHALLENGE: The vacuum tape became less helpful during feeding times. The boys would become extremely fussy after only a few short minutes of nursing.
JOY: We invested in a high quality pump. Now during the day, Amy pumps almost exclusively and then bottle feeds the boys a mixture of breastmilk and formula. We now know the boys are getting exactly the amount they need, and they are much more satisfied!

CHALLENGE: The spit-up continues in massive quantities, forcing Amy to do laundry at least every 3 days!
JOY: We are getting great use out of all the boys' clothes.

CHALLENGE: Amy's health has still not fully improved after her post-delivery infection.
JOY: Amy's doctor scheduled her for a health procedure later this month, and Grammy is coming out for a visit to help care for Amy & the boys!

CHALLENGE: Jaden & Cody best love and are most content being held, and yet Amy only has 2 arms.
JOY: Many, many church friends have stepped up to help, often calling Amy out of the blue to offer assistance. She regularly has 2-3 visitors a week to hold babies and help with feedings. What a blessing to have more adult conversation, too!


(Cody on L in both above) 

(Jaden on L in both above-- We love Cody's touchdown stance in the one directly above. He got into this position all his own!)

(Cody on R)
  •  Both rolled over from their tummy to their backs early this month!
  •  Smiled at one another
  •  Had first laughs this month
  •  Love to grab items & bring them to their mouth
  •  Enjoy grabbing onto Mommy & Daddy's hair
  •  Like being in their bouncers
  •  Kick like crazy on the changing table!
  •  Seem to enjoy being in crowds of people
  •  Like to pull themselves to sitting positions


  •  Currently weighing in at 13 lbs. 12 oz.
  •  Our big talker! Loves to coo especially after feedings
  •  Started sucking on just his first two fingers
  •  Hates car rides (fussy most anywhere we go!)
  •  Loves Nuk pacifier during the day; Soothie pacifier at bedtime
  •  First time being taken out of church :(
  •  First laugh occurred right after splashing Daddy with lots of water during bathtime


  •  Currently weighing in at 13 lbs. 3 1/2 oz.
  •  Our big smiler! Smiles readily to others' voices & then shyly ducks his head
  •  Loves gazing at himself in the mirror on his swing
  •  Loves sucking on his fist, often to the point of gagging himself
  •  While on back, can turn himself to different angles with his intense kicking