Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Nursery Progress and Hello to Baby A!

Over the long Easter weekend, we were able to do a little more work towards our nursery preparation. First, we installed a curtain rod and hung up the curtains from our bedding set. Then, we tackled the assembly of the cube organizer. Both tasks were relatively painless. We were pleased that the room is finally starting to come together! Finally, we made good use of our minivan's back seat with the purchase of our 2nd crib and mattress. We were so excited to have a vehicle that could actually fit both items! The assembly of the crib will take place at a later date...

On Easter Monday, we had another ultrasound and were so excited to see that our initial "shy" twin, Baby A, had come out of hiding! We loved having a close-up 4D image of our 2nd little one. (Unfortunately, Baby B was playing the shy card this time...)


This second 4D pic is not necessarily the clearest picture of Baby A's face. Rather, we included this image to show the bone structure of nearby Baby B. It certainly looks as though Baby B is sitting right on the face of his brother. Gotta love how they're already getting along so well. :)

Other than getting the ultrasound pictures, the rest of the appt went smoothly. Amy passed her glucose test and got positive reports from the doctor. We praise God that our boys are growing at relatively equal rates, too.  The twins measured at 3 lb 1 oz and 3 lb 3 oz.  The combination already equals one full-term baby! It's no wonder that Amy is getting much more tired throughout the day. Thankfully, she has a wonderfully helpful husband around the house and very sweet and helpful schoolkids during the day. God is good!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Additions to our Nursery and our Garage!

We continue to be humbled by the generosity and love shown by others. For the month of March, our school collected wipes and onesies for our boys. The following pictures show the sign (and creative poem) that was hung around the school, as well as our wonderfully large collection of baby items. One of our favorite pairs of onesies was a homemade iron-on set, 1 onesie reading "copy" and the other reading "paste." Also, as you may notice, not everyone stopped at onesies. We also received pants, hats, and overalls. What a wonderful extension of Christ's love! Thank you, Trinity families!

The other great addition to our household is our new..... family VAN! After learning about the coming of our twins, we knew that travel would soon grow to be a challenge in our 2 little compact cars. Plus, we had been wanting to purchase a vehicle that could travel a little better in our snowy winters anyway. We figured that now was a fitting time to upgrade. We were very blessed to work closely with two men from our church who regularly buy used vehicles at auctions around the country. We told them what we were looking for and what our price range was, and before we knew it.... this wonderful Toyota Sienna was sitting in our driveway!

Since Amy will be the primary driver toting the twins around, she has been taking the vehicle to and from work so that she can get used to it before the arrival of our boys.

 We enjoy the vehicle's snooth, quiet ride, and the very roomy backseat and trunk area. It feels a little funny driving around such a big vehicle now, but we know that we'll soon fill it with very precious cargo.

A Nebraska Weekend

Recently, Jason planned a trip to take some of his high school youth to our dear alma mater, Concordia Seward. Even though the group was small, Jason enjoyed seeing the kids' excitement about the school and about entering churchwork. He's hoping to make the trip an annual journey.

Another wonderful side benefit of traveling to Nebraska was the opportunity to see Jonathan and Chelsea and to stay at their apartment in Lincoln. Jason loved having a chance to see their place, visit with them, and (of course) to play some games. 

During part of the weekend visit, Jonathan took Jason and the Trinity group to a Huskers baseball game. The whole group loved the beautiful Nebraska weather that weekend. J&C had many great ideas for weekend events & activities. What wonderful hosts these two made!